The Polish Modern Art Foundation, established in the autumn of 1985, is one of the first independent non-profit institutions operating in the field of culture. Its mission is to provide support for and promote talented artists who have distinguished themselves and whose artistic activity contributes to the development of modern art, and above all the Polish arts. Moreover, the Foundation supports independent artists of Central and Eastern Europe.

Since 2005, the Polish Modern Art Foundation has been a public domain organisation. Within the framework of its statutory activities, the Foundation has organised or co-organised many individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. The most important of these include: "Masters of Contemporary Art in Poland" in the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art in Ithaca in the USA (1986); The "Furmanny Zaułek" exhibition in former the Norblin Factory, a Department of the Warsaw Museum of Technology (1989), which went on to be shown in Le Manoir de la Ville de Martigny in Switzerland (1990); "40 from Israel" in the exhibition hall of the Association of Polish Architects in Warsaw as well as in the Palace of Art in Krakow (1990); "No! - and conformists" in the X. Dunikowski Museum at the Królikarnia Palace, a Department of the National Museum in Warsaw, and then transferred to the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg (1994); "Marian Czapla. 30 years of creative work" in the National Museum in Kielce (2002); "Warsaw – Moscow / Moscow - Warsaw 1900-2000" in the Zachęta Gallery in Warsaw (2004) and in the Trietiakov State Gallery in Moscow (2005); "10 albums by Ilia Kabakov" in the Atlas Sztuki Gallery in Lodz (2006).

The Foundation has published or jointly published many publications, the most important being: the books and albums "40 from Israel" (1990r.); "No!- and conformists" (1994r.); Andrzej Turowski's "Malewicz in Warsaw" (2002); "Katarzyna Kobro. Sculpture and pastels 1947-1949. Hommage à Nika Strzemińska" (2003); "Henryk Musiałowicz. Paintings and sculpture. On the 90th anniversary of his birth" (2004); "Rybak nad morzem śmierci" (Fisherman on the sea of death). Poems and texts 1917-1922" by Wielimir Chlebnikov, translated by Adam Pomorski (2004); "Dominik odnaleziony (Dominik discovered). Works from the years 1952-1965. Drawings, graphics, collages, watercolours, paintings" (2005); "Widziądz widziadeł bezkształtnych (Shapeless phantoms). Poems and texts 1904-1916" by Wielimir Chlebnikov, translated by Adam Pomorski (2005).

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