Krzysztof Lipka-promotion of new book

April 12, 2007, at 06:00 pm

Krzysztof Lipka "Technika własna. Opowieści przewrotne, a nawet perwersyjne" (Own technique. Perverse and even Perverted Tales), the Nowy Świat publishing house, Warsaw 2007

Another book by Krzysztof Lipka that is to be issued by the Nowy Świat publishing house has been given the title Own Technique. Its sub-title: Tales perverse and even perverted, is aimed at preparing the reader for the change of writing style by this author, who has decided for the first time to show a completely different face. Own Technique is a collection of ironic, amusing, malicious stories, in which much space is devoted to criticism of people, customs and art, as well as caricature, parody and sex. This is not to suggest that this prose, intended this time for a wider public, is entirely devoid of deeper, and even bitter reflection. This change in Krzysztof Lipka's style is only temporary and illusory; the next book of this author, who likes to each time appear differently, will be even more serious than his previous titles.


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