Siesta - Southern Landscape 2012

08 marca - 11 maja 2013

'I had thought of organising a workshop with Professor Stanisław Baj's participation long before I met him. As a landscape painter, experienced art teacher and long-time member of the faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, he seemed to be the perfect person to lead the type of workshop I usually run: namely inviting to my home in Tuscany, a select group of young artists who are interconnected through their individual relationship with an established one — either as a student or a friend — and his agreeing to accept the informal role of a mentor. This type of approach hadn't always ensured the smooth running of previous workshops, but I was certain that with Stanisław Baj as mentor and responsible for choosing who would be invited, the project would be successful. They spent hours touring local towns, museums and historic monuments which were followed by long discussions on art. However, most of their time was spent painting and sketching.

The periods remaining for leisure and to enjoy the exhibition's eponymous Siesta were few and far between. Almost half of the featured pieces were executed at Vellano en plein-air, that is painted from nature outdoors.'


Fragment from Krzystof Musiałs introduction to the exhibitions catalogue




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