Julia Cybis.The wood began to move

September 24h- Cecember 5th 2015

People came from the forest. They climbed down from the trees, joined up in tribes, hunted and built fires. Later they cut down trees, cut them into planks and built houses in which to hide from the dangers on the outside.

Once we had dominion over nature, we dealt with the threats from inside, curbed our impulses and established various standards. Since that time, we have been beset by conflict, in which the natural order clashes with that order we have imposed on ourselves.

This involves a certain risk. "The order that nature deigned to establish in the universe always follows its own path; one thing that can be said: what nature cannot derive from our reason, it derives from our insanity"

Nature has a disturbing charm. As much as strength and vitality it represents illness and death. It recalls the biological aspect of human existence, over which we cannot exercise total control.

In our culture the forest symbolizes human subconscious. Dense and dark, it accommodates everything that does not belong to the reality of light and reason. A line of trees marks a boundary, beyond which our laws no longer apply. Afraid to cross it, we hide in our houses. But when nature claims us, the forest comes to the window.

Julia Cybis

Julia Cybis

Born in 1985 in Warsaw, she studied painting at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and at the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts d'Angers. In 2009 she graduated with honours, and a distinction for her extramural wall paintings. Her works are to be found in private collections in Poland and abroad. She lives and works in Warsaw.

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