Stefan Gierowski. Hue, Lightness, Saturation

September 17, 2010 - November 20, 2010

Stefan Gierowski belongs to the pretty exclusive club of artists who – having debuted in the mid-20th century and witnessing the developments of the recent six decades – have remained faithful to painting. Painting has remained his sole medium of choice. He has always painted in oil pigments on a square of canvas. Since 1957, he has marked his abstract compositions with successive Roman numerals. His successive individual exhibitions elucidated the artist's changing focus: space, light, texture, colour. Colour is the principal theme of the oil paintings and watercolours on paper showcased at the aTAK Gallery from mid-September to mid-November 2010. But not jus any colour but the triad of green-orange-purple in various configurations. In them, the artist searches for the fundamental characteristics of colours: its hue, lightness and saturation. The year 2010 is the artist's jubilee: his 85th birthday. And although one might expect some kind of retrospective exhibition, his art continues to impress with courage, vitality, and inventiveness.

Exhibition conception: Włodzimierz Nowaczyk


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